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Me and Alicante, Spain. 


I love January 1st. Almost as much as I love Mondays. And mornings. Must be my obsession with fresh starts. But isn’t it exciting to know that 365 days lies ahead of you, waiting to be filled by emotions and experiences? 2016 took me to several wonderful places that I had never seen before and it also gave me the opportunity to start BelTours. It was definitely a good travel year! And in order to make the most out of 2017 as well, here are my travel resolutions:


  1. Look up. From the phone and from the map. There is so much beauty everywhere and getting lost can be so much fun.
  2. Put away the camera and enjoy the moment. I love taking pictures. Have done since long before phones with cameras and Instagram. But no sunset picture in the world can compete with the feeling of experiencing it live.
  3. Be brave. New adventures are waiting, just say yes.
  4. Go somewhere new. Doesn’t have to be the other side of the planet. Sometimes choosing another way to work can lead you to new places in your own hometown.
  5. Listen. To the sea, to your heart, to your dreams.