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Hi, I’m Johanna and I’m your personal guide. As BelTours first birthday is coming up I think it’s time to introduce myself and this travel idea a bit more.

I have Swedish and Italian origins and I have been travelling as long as I can remember. I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, but my second home is Formia, a small coastal town located between Rome and Naples in Italy. I’m curious and outgoing so working in the travel and tourism industry suits me perfectly. I’m also a singer, my second profession, and I love dancing too. I’m obsessed with the sea, starry skies, dawns, sunsets, coffee and lemons. I love eating a lot of good food and I love speaking in different languages. I collect moments and experiences but I shall not lie, I love shopping too.

I’m passionate about travelling because I’m curious about the world, I love meeting people and I’m fascinated by all the beautiful things there are to experience. I’ve studied Tourism Management and for several years I worked as a hotel receptionist, in Sweden and in Italy. I also spent time flying around the globe working as a flight attendant and collected different types of experiences. I currently work as a tour guide and travel planner and so I got the idea to start BelTours.

I started by asking myself: why do I love to travel? I realized the answer was deeper than what I had imagined. It wasn’t just about wanting a nice vacation (although vacations are lovely), but it became clear to me that travelling and discovering new places makes me truly happy. And the more I thought of it the more I felt that to me it’s a lifestyle, not only a job or a hobby. The second question I asked myself was how can I get the most out of my journeys? By trying to experience the new place as genuinely as possible. Try new food, meet the locals, get lost. So after sorting those things out I felt that I wanted to share travel experiences and reach out to other travellers searching for genuine experiences.

Through my own travel space BelTours I want to give my contribution, by offering personalized guided tours and travel itineraries to the places I love. I hope to inspire to a familiar and friendly way of travelling and hope to see you soon.

Bon Voyage!